This Can’t Be Us

About This Can’t Be Us by Terri Ann Johnson – Spice Anthology
This Can’t Be Us – A House Divided…Greg and Karen have found true love after years in empty marriages, but their children have no desire to blend into one, big, happy family. Meanwhile the six siblings, who appear to dislike each other, have formed an alliance fueled by the respective exes, to disrupt what their parents thought would’ve been a happy union. Just at the point the parents learn their kids are in cahoots to sabotage their love because they’re more comfortable with their ‘new’ parents being apart, a near tragedy serves to put everyone in the household on notice when an emergency school lock-down forces the oldest teen to realize that there is more to lose than just time away from his mother and his homies.
Story Notes for This Can’t Be Us
When I begin a story, I think of plot lines that are relatable to everyday people. Then I add a mix of conflict and humor to it. My goal is to dangle my protagonist over a cliff and watch them recover. This story, the Black Brady Bunch was no different. This time it was the parents trying to regain control of their family before all is lost.
Terri Ann Johnson is a national bestselling author for her contribution to the Brown Girls Books anthology All I Want for Christmas. Her enthusiasm for reading blossomed into a desire to write. Terri is a mom and loves to travel. She is a finance professional in Washington, D.C.
In the anthology, SPICE readers get a taste of the most anticipated fiction offerings of the year. Readers will enjoy this eclectic blend that will stay with you long after the pages have been turned.

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