Sugar-coated Deception

About Sugar-Coated Deception by London St. Charles – Sugar Anthology 
Walking a tightrope of a career, a husband, and fulfilling a life-long dream is never easy. Balancing a lie, a child out of wedlock and public scandal is almost unforgivable.
Cadence Goldsmith, a young, successful automotive engineer for a European car manufacturer, learns in the middle of an awards ceremony, that her husband fathered a child with a woman he claims to have stopped seeing long before he married Cadence.
Weighing her options, she’s paralyzed by the tug of war between present life and future possibilities. She must either have blind faith in her husband and trust him when he swears he hasn’t touched the other woman in seven years or cut her loses. Not willing to simply walk away, she works to uncover the sinister plans of a woman who is out to destroy them. Cadence is now racing the clock to save her marriage… and herself.

Story Notes: Sugarcoated Deception
Sugarcoated Deception was a fun and easy story to write. Typically, I write in silence, but this story was written with the song, Blindspot by Huntar playing on a continuous loop in the background. The main character Cadence is faced with the dilemma of believing that her husband didn’t cheat on her and father a child when all evidence says otherwise. This is a clear case of things aren’t always what they seem. The unique factor is that the wife has to uncover a former relationship. Her husband, did indeed, father a child, but he never had intercourse with the woman.

National bestselling author, London St. Charles is a Chicago native who pens contemporary women’s fiction. She wrote and published her debut novel, The Husband We Share in 2017 and is one of nine authors in the Sugar Anthology. She is currently working on her second novel. Visit London on the web and stay connected on social media. She loves to engage with readers. Website:, Facebook: London St. Charles, Instagram: london_writes, Twitter: @LSCharles2017
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