Queen of Kingston

Samantha DaCosta, reporter extraordinaire, stumbles upon an explosive story in her research of several wealthy, humanitarians connected to The Castle, a place reserved for the mega-rich..Her uncle, who is a member, has invested in a medical facility that produces and distributes vaccines to third-world countries. The medication has deadly adverse effects, which sets up Ted DaCosta as a target for blackmail..As Sam uncovers disturbing details, she’s conflicted. When her personal safety is threatened, she must either pretend not to know the implications of this nefarious plot, or speak up and bring down a hailstorm of publicity. Danger also stalks her to Jamaica in the form of an assassination attempt..Kingston “King” Coburn is content to support his woman’s endeavors, but when work impacts her well-being, he draws the line. Instead of pulling her back from the edge of a dark abyss, he’s drawn into the world of power brokers, who will do anything to increase their wealth..Only the couple’s combined skills and access to a safe haven will keep them alive at the end of their harrowing search for the truth..

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