Next Lifetime 

About Next Lifetime by MarZé Scott – Sugar Anthology

High school sweethearts Daylin and Elijah were anything but sweet. Over the years, Elijah’s actions threatened to tear their relationship apart. Then Life takes a sudden turn when Elijah is found dead in their home and all the evidence points to either suicide or murder. As the investigation begins, Daylin tries to find safety with a man who has been her best friend and anchor for years. Unfortunately, Maurice’s growing family takes priority and Daylin is left on her own.
When the police exonerate Daylin and Elijah’s family goes on a smear and harassment campaign to destroy life that plays out in the media and on all social networks; Daylin has no choice but to change jobs and give up her home and start a new life elsewhere. A chance meeting reconnects her with Maurice and the friendship blossoms into something more. The need for revenge is so strong, that even now Elijah’s mother, Joan, is set out to make sure Daylin does not have a happy life especially since, despite what the police say, she holds her responsible.
Will Daylin and Maurice’s newfound love withstand the madness brought on by a mother whose relentless attack can land them on the other side of the grave?

Story Notes:

The story of Daylin and Maurice was inspired after seeing Facebook posts about women wanting to marry their best friends.

The story is unique because the drama had nothing to do with anyone having to choose one person over another. The story tells how if a thing— be it a job, a move, or a relationship is meant to happen, the Universe will see to it that it does.
MarZé Scott is a lifelong resident of Ypsilanti, Michigan. A lover of all things creative, MarZé loves to read, write, draw and do makeup artistry when she’s not taking care of her family. She has been writing short stories and poems since elementary school and developed a taste for writing about provocative topics like the consequences of casual sex in high school. Her debut novel, Gemini Rising is due for release 2018
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