Marie’s Soapery

Marie’s Soapery, was born out of Jo’elle Kirk-Adams love for spending time with her daughter. When she was about five years old they were browsing in a local craft store and purchased a soap making kit.  Fast-forward 14 years  while sitting with her husband, he said, “You love making natural products and mixing herbs to make teas and natural ‘stuff’. You should start a business.”  Her daughter now vegan chimed in with, “Do the fun stuff but make some vegan or natural soaps too!!!” She took their advice and started her business.

Joelle, describing her business said, “Marie’s Soapery provides handcrafted soaps and gifts for everyday use and special occasions. Our products provide a creamy, moisturizing, and generous lather experience in many designs and scents that range from 95-100% natural. My mother Effie Marie, who I named the business after, and my great-aunt Carolyn taught me about herbs and tinctures that are the base of many of the products you will find in our store.”   

So here at Marie’s Soapery, you will find products infused with herbs, natural additives, and natural colorants. Some scented with essential oils and a few unscented.  You will also find products scented with fragrance oils and micas. There is something for everyone. All products are handmade and produced in small batches with quality ingredients.​

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