Just One Kiss

Remember the one kiss that blew your mind, curled your toes, and sealed your heart forever his?

Thirteen bestselling and award-winning authors share a collection of their most-beloved kiss scenes. Some of the characters you already love, others speak of romantic interludes to come.

JUST ONE KISS includes:

A Taste of Logan

by USA Today Bestselling Author Siera London 
Logan’s thoughts are consumed with plans for his future, but fate still has a final hand to play if he is to prove victorious. He had a plan for everything, except the woman who owned his heart.

Make This a Night to Remember

by National Bestselling Author Naleighna Kai
Devesh Maharaj, a Bollywood heartthrob made the mistake of letting Reign King, a single mother with a few years on him, slip through his fingers a few years ago. Now, a chance encounter gives him a second opportunity to make things right.

Afternoon Interlude

by Award-winning Author J.L. Campbell
Stacy’s convinced nobody can love her like Greg, but at the same time she’s deathly afraid he’ll leave their marital home. He’s been a great husband and hasn’t betrayed her trust, but can she overcome personal demons and family drama that threaten to destroy their marriage?

Perfect Kiss

by National Bestselling Author London St. Charles
Will the perfect kiss lead to a rendezvous between the sheets and reignite a fiery passion begging to be set free? Just one kiss may be all it takes.

Designed to Love You

by National Bestselling Author MarZe Scott
After a tumultuous six-year marriage came to a horrendous end, Mari Lofton didn’t have time or energy for new relationships. As a successful event designer, Mari put together receptions for couples who found love, but her heart was on lock down until famed photographer Vincent Jordan works his way into her life. Will business turn into pleasure for Mari?

A Love Like Forever

by National Bestselling Author Lisa Watson
For Hilary Bradford, Lance Darcy was a means to an end, at least that’s what she told herself. In Hilary, Lance found his perfect match, but can he persuade her to give love a second chance?

It Began with a Kiss

by National Bestselling Author Michelle D. Rayford
Carmen knows she shouldn’t begin a relationship with the younger man in her office but Braxton is proving hard to resist. Will she risk losing her family and career for Just One Kiss?

Unexpected Attraction

by Karen Bradley
Cameron Stone encounters a little turbulence when she returns to her unconventional job after an extended absence. She’s meeting Daron using one of her many aliases—Autumn. Focused on the assignment, Cameron didn’t expect to become the target of his attention. Will she be able to resist temptation or will she cave with just one kiss?

It’s Only a Kiss

by National Bestselling Author Shakir Rashaan
Samara and Dorian play a coquettish game of cat and mouse, with a series of kisses at the forefront of her tempting proposal. Will those kisses lead to something more permanent between them?

Kissing You

by Christine Pauls
It’s never too late for love. Will Raelene Thompson and Lt. Gregory Banks find out with just one kiss?


by Sierra Kay
Maya Garnett struggles to pay her bills, keep a roof over her and her sister’s head, and keep her libido in check amongst the delectable Chandler men. Rand Chandler doesn’t have the same limitations. What happens when Rand takes his foot off the brakes?

Forbidden Kiss

by Anita L. Roseboro
They made a pact that would keep them tied to each other forever. Get a glimpse of Casey and her first love, Alexander in Forbidden Kiss.

The Ultimate Gift

by National Bestselling Author Martha Kennerson
Finding beautiful women to entertain is easy. Finding the one for life is a different story.

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